In the capital city of Alexandroupolis Evros Prefecture located in Thrace Financial Forum. Thrace is the most geopolitically important part of Europe with the oldest and most important cultural past.
The actions of the Forum are numerous, multifaceted beyond addressing the economic issues facing Greece and Europe in general, which always grow with philhellenes native and foreign personalities from around the world dealing with the permanent display of Thrace with long-term goals .
While facing painful crisis, because we insist on a piece of Greece in this long history has proven that transforms mistakes into success. So we have developed our own philosophy based on the teachings of Democritus. Can some Athenians to deride the Thracian philosopher of his origins but he insisted ‘the work, work and work again.
So it is worth mentioning that after the last census conducted in 2011 the population of Thrace is 369430 thousand inhabitants, while the unemployment rate in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace exceed 23%. Thrace is a multicultural center as the population of the Muslim minority is more than 33% of the population. The Muslim minority make up three categories of Turkish origin, Pomaks and Gypsies. These people are distinguished for their beliefs, their cultural heritage, education and hard work. Thrace is still maintained, we could say that the cost of agricultural crops and products produced by them and the industries and crafts that exist in the region. Example we note that the geographical area businesses are manufacturing, trade, tourism, and wood crafts, agricultural products, sausage-meat.

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La Soie de Soufli, “Clotho”, powered by A.Mouhtaridis S.A. (

This year the ECONOMIC FORUM OF THRACE presents its first collection named AdT, i.e. the initials of the first empress of Thrace and Asia Minor Arsinoe de Thrace.

The fashion show will take place in in the sanctuary of Samothrace, which is embedded in the ancient ruins. The holy city will serve as the scene for the first fashion show since 385 b.c.

24th of June 2012

19.00 – 22.00 p.m.

Our guiding principal is that…

…we are assertive, self-confident and brave. We stand up for our beliefs. We are sometimes bold, but always peaceful.  It doesn’t matter in which dimension or time you are at the moment- ENJOY  life and the beauty of it!…

Its our  great  pleasure  to  present  magnificent  silk   creations  from Soufli /Greece. We put our ideas into beautiful smooth cocoons of immortal silk of Soufli  where the magic of every time, every sphere and every earth-color is captured.


The dresses represent goddesses or god-like individuals and therefore they are dedicated to different archaic eras

1st Section

Nike of Samothrace

represents the fight for freedom – colors of ancient Greece dominate

2nd Section


the mother of  Alexander the Great and one of the most important women –

this personality finds expression in dynamic, fluently silk

3rd Section

Demeter -madre terra-

expresses herself in native, friendly, lovely cocoons

4th Section

Arsinoe Queen of Thrace

the climax of the collection is embodied in the majestic silk of Thrace

*Dress Code: blue and white

*A special thanks for the organization of this event goes to:

Katia Asatidou/Fashion Design

Curriculum Vitae – Katia Asatidou

Adonis Kekidakis/Photography

Curriculum Vitae – Adonis Kekidakis



Some scholars say the adage: red string tied to a spinning wheel, kick it to roll, so as to start a tale. Our tale takes place to the industrial area of “Tzivre”, a factory that dominates Soufli for about a century.

So the occasion for this silky story is Arsinoe. The Tzivre acquires again its glam through the camera lens, by capturing exquisite silk creations.

…we are assertive, self-confident and brave. We stand up for our beliefs. We are sometimes bold, but always peaceful. It doesn’t matter in which dimension or time you are at the moment- ENJOY life and the beauty of it!...





























So, at the area of the respoolling made by the Tzivre brothers, where 100 silk-workers once worked, we see an ethereal being clothed with an ancient turquoise silk crepe dress. This vision among 54 electric spool engines fills us with admiration because a silk fiber is transformed into a masterpiece.




























At the same time, the silk-room comes to life with the manual respooling device only by the sight of a muse among the rollers wearing a yellow-green silk dress.



























The dream does not end yet. Among the wooden baskets for the cocoons and the stools where the silk-workers were sitting there is a woman figure that glows dressed in a beige silk satin creation.



























And suddenly at the burner area, where only men worked, we could say that we meet the shape of Arsinoe, dressed in a beige silk dress with her hair waving by the silky air of Soufli.


























And like most stories have a happy ending so in Tzivre the lights go out. But its glow and history continue to radiate stimulating emotion to the silk-workers who once gave the breath of life in this place with their laughter, their work  and their admiration for silk garments that are still created by the Silk of Soufli.





“3rd Financial Conference in Thrace”

On the 22nd, 23rd & 24th of June 2012, in the conference center “Thraki Palace” in Alexandroupolis, Greece, will take place the 3rd Financial  Conference in Thrace, with a cultural background, organized by the Economic Forum of  Thrace.

The Conference is held under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Development and Competitiveness & Shipping. Major sponsor of the event is the pharmaceutical industry “Pharmathen Pharmaceuticals”.

The Conference’s theme is: “Crisis in Greece – Development in Thrace. Special Economic Zones. ”

On June 22 will take place the opening of the 3rd Financial Conference in Thrace with cultural background, with a classical music concert, organized by the Economic Forum of Thrace   and the Conservatory “Phaeton.” The award-winning pianist and conductor Thanasis Trikoupis and the soprano Antonia Kalogirou, which has won the first prize in the “Maria Callas” competition, will perform songs that have their roots in the north-European history and will charm us with their notes.

Εxcerpt from Giuseppe Verdi’s opera “A masked Ball” performed by Antonia Kalogirou.

Antonia Kalogirou’s CV

Excerpt from Liszt performed by Thanasis Trikoupis

Thanasis Trikoupis’s C.V.

On June 23 will take place the interactive part of the event, where important personalities from around the world will express their opinion on the Greek crisis and suggest ways to overcome it starting from Thrace. Politicians, economists, businessmen, journalists and artists will proceed to a democratic dialogue in order to help us realize the situation we are all in and see the opportunities for growth and progress that must be seized.

On June 24 a fashion show will be presented, organized also by the Economic Forum of Thrace. The dresses that will be presented to the show belong to the clothing line owned by the Economic Forum of Thrace under the name «Arsinoe de Thrace – AdT» and are exclusively made ​​of Thracian silk. Since the creations are inspired, yet dedicated to the ancient history of the island and  Soufli, clothes are of a Hellenistic nature. The silk is very light and swirls around the female body, a clear memory of Arsinoe du Thrace (316-270 BC, Queen of Thrace). The Economic Forum of Thrace expresses its admiration to the personality of Arsinoe in the banner of his clothing collection, since it bears the name of the Empress: «AdT».

The Cabeiri Mysteries of Samothrace.

Information about the Silk Fabric

* The detailed program of the event will be published in May 2012. Until then we are at your disposal for any questions or clarifications at the following numbers and addresses. Tel: 25510 81122, 6941545351, 6951819481 and  6978112509. E-mail:, and



Konzert Duo

Konzert Duo

The opening-concert of the 2nd Financial Conference of Thrace, organized by the Economic Forum of Thrace and the German Consulate, co-organized by the Municipality of Alexandroupolis and the “Phaethon” Conservatory, takes place on the 26th of May 2011, at 9.00 p.m., at the Municipal Theatre of Alexandroupolis.


Konzert Duo

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