14-15-18-20 August 2023

II. open air ArsinoiaClassical concerts

our efforts are aimed at establishing an institution of national and international first class concerts experiences for everyone who only wants the best.

The music expresses that which cannot be said and about which it is impossible to be silent. Victor Hugo

EFT 2023 l music unites


This Year we will only let the music do the talking. Just like Orpheus, the father of all music, who came from Thrace, was convinced that music moves people to great things, makes wild animals gentle, makes trees move and rivers remain still.

Music is used as a vehicle for the discovery of identity but for the creation of our relationships, the best pollination, the greatest ease in learning and retention of knowledge.
This year we have the honor and fortune to have distinguished and world-class performers who will guide us all through a wonderful program which should make us realize that music has a crucial role in all the emergence of peoples civilization and continues to contribute to the peaceful coexistence of different cultures.

Honor the world famous artists with her come and enjoy the music in the marvelous
Arsinoes Amphitheater opposite the temple of the great Gods.

Entry: 9pm 10 Euro for each concert

Courtyard by Arsinoe, next to Museum

book up:info@economicforumofthrace.org


14-15-18-20 August 2023

14 August

9- 9.15 pm
Prof. Thanasis Trikoupis

“Samothrace needs support to run world class concerts”

Substitute teacher music University Ioannina, Epirus

studied piano in paris conservatory

as a solo pianist he has performed in USA, Russia, Poland Germany, Turkey

Katerina Karajanni

“introduce the artists”
president and founder

Maira Milolidaki

“Verdi - Bizet- Monteverdi- Rossini- Puccini”

soprano-Carnegie Hall, New York

Korina Vougiouka

“Verdi - Bizet- Monteverdi- Rossini- Puccini”

classical guitar-Oscar Ghiglia, Basel

15 August

Maira Milolidaki

“Verdi - Bizet- Monteverdi- Rossini- Puccini”



Korina Vougiouka

“Verdi - Bizet- Monteverdi- Rossini- Puccini”

classical guitar


18 August

Yiannis Efstathopoulos


Spanish guitar
Carles Trepat Barcelona


20 August

Sofia and Christos Chatzopoulos

Orpheus Music
zither- lyre-ja, Thrace Instruments



The Economic Forum of Thrace convenes to communicate the message of sustainable development by the most inspirational speakers worldwide. The 2022 list of esteemed speakers will be published soon.


Samothrace is traditionally the home of the Economic Forum of Thrace as a former symbol of multicultural unity. 

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