“Wine gladdens the heart”

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“Wine gladdens the heart” maybe this expression in conjunction with the history of Soufli in wine and raki spurred the brothers Bella to continue the tradition.

So in the year 1997 placed on domestic and foreign spirits European market from their vineyard. 250 acres of land in Alanya. It is worth mentioning that raki was the first in the world that was exported to China. The varieties of grape vines on the land there is so like Greek Moschofilero, Assyrtiko and French for example kaperne, syrah, cinsaut and merlot. Simultaneously, the passion and love for Soufli led the planting of local and unique grape vines in the world and these are the karnachalas boualamas and producing the Byzantine red wine. This particular wine was called Byzantine because only the intoxicating and glorious past of Byzantium could compete with the aroma and flavor.

The company Bella Co. currently produces seven bottled wines, three whites: Silk Asyrtikos, Moschofilero, Egli and four red earth: Silk, Egli Earth, Bacchus, Byzantine and raki with aniseed or without. All the spirits are indicated by PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and are produced in modern winemaking facilities but always in the traditional way of Wine making. Why can technology evolves, but the love for tradition produces the best quality distillate. While the vineyard is located in the hub of the park-Soufli Dadia-Lefkimi.

But who is this wine combined with the imposing and majestic aspect of Arsinoe?

Can the gods of Olympus  drink nectar, but only Asyrtikos silky wine is one that we will be able to travel with Arsinoe in the past. There in the magnificent archaeological site of Samothrace on June 24, 2012 in conjunction with the first collection Arsinoe de Thrace AdT with airy silk creations Asyrtikos silky white wine will lead us to the ecstasy of joy for the local products of Soufli and history Samothrace.

The citrus flavor of Assyrtiko silk is a registered trademark of the Afi Bella Co because the microclimate that prevails in the vineyard, adds to the variety and fruity aromas of yellow color above the Assyrtiko wine of Santorini. Eventually, this small town of Soufli sygkatalechthei be blessed in the world and love for the raw material of silk and the grape leads to products people priceless aesthetic taste and value.

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