“The Economic Forum of Thrace and Thrace”

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The 3rd Finance Conference opens its doors on June 22, 2012 with classical music.

The sopranos Antonia Kalogirou, which has won the first prize Maria Callas in Italy with the acclaimed pianist Thanasis Trikoupi will lead us on a melodic journey.

On June 23 2012 organized the well-established Financial Conference, Practical Solutions on exit. We are honored to have among our celebrities from all over Europe such as Spain, France, Bulgaria and Cyprus. For this reason we are happy for their good comments and reap their intentions to visit our events.
On June 24, 2012 we will have the honor to present the result of painstaking preparation 2 years and hopefully we will be vindicated while joy to many women.

We will present the First Collection “Arsinoe du Thrace-AdT” with fabrics from silk Soufli. The Soufliotiko is the oldest silk after China and around the world aristokratikotero dressed as the Byzantine Emperors. The strong presence of Arsinoe in our projects combined with the smooth silk thread creates clothes Hellenistic nature of each couturier in the world would envy.

We chose the island of Samothrace in the presence of specific collections and the site of Arsinoe the most important mystical world of Europe, Paleopolis. There were Kaveiria the Sacraments. The mysteries were accessible to all without exception of sex, color, social class but only if the confession before entering the sanctuary.
Samothrace is a unique energy space with the three types of waters and verdant beauty. So anyone who visits the island surrounded by positive energy is why our ancestors chose this place for Kaveiria Mysteries, the most democratic to date.

And finally for those two words make up the Forum. It is a dynamic group of young academic, sociocultural orientation to who could with ease to leave their homeland. But we do although the conditions for treatment by the state apparatus is disrespectful to their abilities and this fills me with anger. But at every meeting we take deep breaths and repeat the philosophy of our three D work, work and work again.
Everyone will be happy to welcome each one in Thrace and especially Samothrace to enjoy and admire Arsinoe in all its glory.


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