“Casus Belli 2012”, we present to you the best Silk worlwide from Soufli, Greece.

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by Katerina Karajanni, President of the Economic Forum of Thrace.

In our first event in 2009 we promised to ourselves and friends of our country, that Thrace, the oldest civilization of Europe will become the growth engine of Greece. We found the road, we are walking on it steadily and disciplined, logical without being disoriented by anything that promises easy solutions. It should be understood that only the long-term development is effective. And that requires hard work by everyone.

ARSINOE du THRACE – AdT (Brand new label Powered by the economic forum of Thrace)

I have wandered several times in the past to the urban streets of Soufli. Soufli, the once productive and unrivaled in the production of silk, has dressed emperors, kings and nobles. Nowadays, this wonderful gift of nature is degraded and sold on the fringes of the street to the few tourists.

I do not deny that recently during my walk in the streets of Soufli I burst into tears and felt very angry for the misery of my nation, because while we are brilliant people, we were seduced by the easy and borrowed money and forgot that the right job is the job that requires hard labor.

I remember I sat in a cafe and confused as I was I ordered an ouzo at 12 o’clock in the morning. The owner of the cafe was very kind and served me ouzo and sausage  with eggs, without being asked and told me: “Eat and then we talk.”

We talked a lot. These sausages were gourmet. Nectar of the Gods!

I asked him: “People know that you are offering such pleasure?”! “Yes,” he replied. “I know myself and the locals,” meaning the citizens of Evros. He added wistfully that in ancient times, when the Silk was famous, these flavors were known and appreciated.

We greeted each other warmly with the promise that we will speak, and I promised myself that I would not feel sorry or angry again, I will not lose power but it will take energy from the Arsinoe of Thrace and all of us in the Economic Forum of Thrace will work hard.

The Silk from Soufli retakes the place it deserves. Greece cannot  produce volume but has the ability to produce quality.

On June 24th, 2012 will take place the first fashion show, the first and only presentation of the best silk around the globe, the silk from Soufli.

Arsinoe of Thrace, the first Empress of Europe gave us the name and Samothrace, the most impressive island in Europe, will host us in its ground.

Sponsored by Mr. K. Mouchtaridis and the “Silk Line” we will have the true Silk from Soufli and we will take you along the journey of the silkworms.

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