Arsinoe de Thrace 2012″

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La Soie de Soufli, “Clotho”, powered by A.Mouhtaridis S.A. (

This year the ECONOMIC FORUM OF THRACE presents its first collection named AdT, i.e. the initials of the first empress of Thrace and Asia Minor Arsinoe de Thrace.

The fashion show will take place in in the sanctuary of Samothrace, which is embedded in the ancient ruins. The holy city will serve as the scene for the first fashion show since 385 b.c.

24th of June 2012

19.00 – 22.00 p.m.

Our guiding principal is that…

…we are assertive, self-confident and brave. We stand up for our beliefs. We are sometimes bold, but always peaceful.  It doesn’t matter in which dimension or time you are at the moment- ENJOY  life and the beauty of it!…

Its our  great  pleasure  to  present  magnificent  silk   creations  from Soufli /Greece. We put our ideas into beautiful smooth cocoons of immortal silk of Soufli  where the magic of every time, every sphere and every earth-color is captured.


The dresses represent goddesses or god-like individuals and therefore they are dedicated to different archaic eras

1st Section

Nike of Samothrace

represents the fight for freedom – colors of ancient Greece dominate

2nd Section


the mother of  Alexander the Great and one of the most important women –

this personality finds expression in dynamic, fluently silk

3rd Section

Demeter -madre terra-

expresses herself in native, friendly, lovely cocoons

4th Section

Arsinoe Queen of Thrace

the climax of the collection is embodied in the majestic silk of Thrace

*Dress Code: blue and white

*A special thanks for the organization of this event goes to:

Katia Asatidou/Fashion Design

Curriculum Vitae – Katia Asatidou

Adonis Kekidakis/Photography

Curriculum Vitae – Adonis Kekidakis

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