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There is no doubt that we live in an era when everybody talks about economics. Each one typical Greek home spends almost a lot of time in discussions about economy and finance.

So the Economic Forum of Thrace, in an effort to enhance the public debate on these issues, has created the Round Table Discussions which are included in a workshop with a very specific topic and audience. The 1st Round Table Discussions was held on September 2nd in Alexandroupolis and many great personalities from the fields of economy, politics and literature took part.

Download the Press Release of the 1st Round Table Discussions

Main axes of the 1st Round Table Discussions:

Here are some of the interesting presentations of the speakers that participated in the Conference.

* Michael Heise, Chief Economist of the Allianz group global.

“In Greece should be applied immediately a Marshall Plan to help enterprises in the country to correct the bad image of the outside in order to come soon on the markets.”

* Prof. Dr. Ursula Engelen-Kefer, former Vice-president of the German Trade Unions.

“For Greek as well as German and the other European workers and citizens It is time to change  the course of the financial, economic and social policy. Civil disobedience is urgently required by trade unions and civil society.”

* Dr. Oliver Everling, Managing Director of “Rating Evidence” Ltd.

“The European Commission not only started to regulate credit rating agencies in Europe as a consequence, but also initiated a project to look at alternative structures that would reduce dependence on the US rating agencies.”

* Nikolas Moussiopoulos, Professor of heat transfer & Vice President of the International Hellenic University in Thessaloniki.

“Greece trapped by itself, and led to the crisis because they don’t realized early the need for institutional and structural changes in the constitution of the state and society for the country to respond to the global new world order. Necessary conditions to overcome the crisis are, obviously, the consolidation of the state machine, to shrink the public sector, imposing quality assurance in all aspects of public life and strengthening confidence to invest in the country”.

Cultural Tour

On September 3rd the Economic Forum of Thrace organized a cultural excursion to the archeological sites of Mesembria and Maroneia so as the foreign and Greek visitors have the chance to become acquainted with to the simplicity and grandeur of ancient beauty combined with the natural beauty of Thrace.

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