Invitation to the 2. Conference of the Economic Forum of Thrace 27- 28 May 2011

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“Winning the Future – No Greece without the Euro!”
Thrace: One of the most ancient cultural regions with its geostrategical importance and which borders Turkey and Bulgaria serve as a gateway into Europe. The region is rich with antiquities from the Byzantine and Christian cultures, mystical hot springs and stunning natural coastal beauties. Furthermore, lying just off Thrace is the island of Samothrace, the holy island of the ancient Greeks and home to the Greek goddess – Nike of Samothrace (Winged Victory of Samothrace). (The goddess Nike together with the bust of the first empress of Thrace, Arsinoe II, can be admired in the Louvre). Samothrace is associated with the island of the “Kabiric mysteries” with their intention to limit and retain religious contents and rites secret. Our archaeologists will show this fascinating ancient world in the temple of the antique village containing the Kabiric shrine.

With such ancient and cultural wealth, Greece and other members of the euro area today face formidable forces of the modern times – the financial markets and economics of governments. Today there are many questions about financial health of Greece and foreign investors are very weary. What can Greece and other euro members do and to revert the situation? Could we assume that all the demands of the “troika” (EU, IMF and ECB) will be met: namely, the reduction of the budget deficit, the cooperation of the public authorities with investors, the solvency of the banks, necessary restructuring of the economy and flexible labour markets. If so, foreign investors will still ask themselves nevertheless: what can this country produce and how can we contribute to it?
Perhaps the answers lie with ancient philosophers. Plato in his book “The Government” raised the question: “Why should I refrain from unfair actions if I do not have to fear the consequences?” His answer was the same as the one from Socrates: legitimate work and an honest dialogue is in the interest of the society. The demands of the troika seem painful and relentless but they just may lead us back to the roots according to the spirits of Plato and Socrates. Let us debate the economic challenges of modern times and perhaps attempt to discover the deeper teachings of ancient philosophers who for many centuries may have already provided us with the answers for recovery.

The Conference:
The Economic Forum of Thrace ( and the town Alexandroupolis welcome you to attend the two days conference in 27- 28 May. A high level financial dialogue is the highlight of the first day. The next day will be dedicated to the Kabiric mysteries of Samothrace.

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