Ladies and gentlemen, friends of Thrace

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Katerina Karajanni
Katerina Karajanni

September 14, 2009 was a historic date. The first Financial Conference of Thrace took place and in many ways it was analogous to that of a first born.  There was some uncertainty,  a modicum of  anxiety, but our child, the First Financial Conference of Thrace was born, and in good health, and like any doting parent, we are extremely proud.  However, on reflection the birth wasn’t without it’s difficulties.   So in anticipation of the birth of  next child, we will of course hope for  a much smoother delivery,  and we will certainly be wiser and more prepared.

Now I really want to express wholeheartedly my thanks to the prefect of Evros, Nikolaos Zampounidis, because after one minute, combined with the question. “Are you ok?” and my nervous answer: “Maybe yes, why do you ask?” he was happy with the answer and was ready to take over the patronage of the conference.

Moreover, I want to express publicly my thanks to my board. Apostolos Palakidis, the owner of the hotel, Thraki Palace, and a generous sponsor, really supported my intention without any reservation and believes in our goal to promote Thrace.

Sofia Lampaki, a successful entrepreneur and a convinced Thracian, offered everything to me in order to support her native country and put in the centre of interest.

Christina Rousidou is a successful lady responsible for public relations for the hotel Thraki Palace and offered her precious time and great work for the Forum.

Bessy Pallioura, a successful women of Northern Greece, cooperated with me without any doubts and said that a success of the Forum will also be her personal success.

Vasiliki Michalakakou is a very renown lawyer of Thrace and created all the statutes of the Forum, not asking for any pay. A great women.

The biggest thanks however are due to Dr. Ackermann. If he had any doubts, he would not have been present at this birth. But he displayed courage and believes in our abilities, and we will not disappoint him. Dear Thracians, dear friends of Thrace, may I encourage you to become a member of the E.F.T., and then we will prove to the remains of Greece and the world that we play a geostrategic and decisive role without any arrogance

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