The photoshooting of the Collection “AdT”

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Some scholars say the adage: red string tied to a spinning wheel, kick it to roll, so as to start a tale. Our tale takes place to the industrial area of “Tzivre”, a factory that dominates Soufli for about a century.

So the occasion for this silky story is Arsinoe. The Tzivre acquires again its glam through the camera lens, by capturing exquisite silk creations.

…we are assertive, self-confident and brave. We stand up for our beliefs. We are sometimes bold, but always peaceful. It doesn’t matter in which dimension or time you are at the moment- ENJOY life and the beauty of it!…























So, at the area of the respoolling made by the Tzivre brothers, where 100 silk-workers once worked, we see an ethereal being clothed with an ancient turquoise silk crepe dress. This vision among 54 electric spool engines fills us with admiration because a silk fiber is transformed into a masterpiece.























At the same time, the silk-room comes to life with the manual respooling device only by the sight of a muse among the rollers wearing a yellow-green silk dress.






















The dream does not end yet. Among the wooden baskets for the cocoons and the stools where the silk-workers were sitting there is a woman figure that glows dressed in a beige silk satin creation.






















And suddenly at the burner area, where only men worked, we could say that we meet the shape of Arsinoe, dressed in a beige silk dress with her hair waving by the silky air of Soufli.






















And like most stories have a happy ending so in Tzivre the lights go out. But its glow and history continue to radiate stimulating emotion to the silk-workers who once gave the breath of life in this place with their laughter, their work  and their admiration for silk garments that are still created by the Silk of Soufli.

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