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I.     The 1st Interstate Symposium in Thrace by the E.F.T.

“It is very well known that we are in the middle of a tragic crisis.It is a fact that a lot of mistakes have been made by all Europeans. It can be easily proved that during the last 30 years has been developed a dis-functional social and political and financial status. But it is also true that through the crisis we can create something pure, original and productive!

So, the Economic Forum of Thrace will help in that move, despite all the difficulties of the recent times, by organizing the 1st Interstate Symposium in Thrace, with the vision not only to become the Davos of Greece but also to make Thrace an equivalent place to Switzerland.”

The event will take place on December 2011, in Samothrace island or in Alexandroupolis.


II.      “Behaving properly  – The modulation of personal & professional image”

Many centuries ago, Greeks started teaching the world the meaning of creating culture and being civilized.


Nowadays, the need to be taught by the culture of the other Europeans is obvious.

The Economic Forum of Thrace is publishing a book on January 2012, in order to remind to the Greeks their forgotten good manners and gentle gestures. The title of the book is the above.

At the same time, seminars will be held according to the teachings of the book, starting on the 4st of February 2012.

Minors and adults will have the chance to learn how to behave themselves in family and professional affairs in the community, so as to succeed in their social and professional life.



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